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  • if you ever want a message from someone who can't see him live but has a lot to say bout how amazing he is I would LOVE to contributee!!!


    Hello fellow Stromae fan,

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE TALK ABOUT STROMAE!!!!!!!!! Please! I’d love to hear what you have to say! That’s why I’m on Tumblr! 

    Sorry if I’m sounding like a lunatic, but I’m leaving tomorrow to see my first Stromae show, and I pretty much feel like I’m on drugs. (Ma coke, mon speed, mon crack, sa musique…) So so so so so so so so hyper right now.

    And in case you don’t know…tomorrow is #toocutetueday. The one day a week I allow myself to wallow in how goddamn cute Stromae can be. There’s apparently a little controversy over whether Stromae is cute all of the time - I say no, everyone else in the universe says yes. We’ve agreed to disagree. But on #toocutetuesday, it’s all about the cuteness. Stromae cuteness. Keep kittens and other cute shit for another day. Unless it’s Stromae holding a kitten. That would be fucking adorable!

    Oh, are you an American? Sorry you won’t be able to get to a show. :-(


    You’ll die when you’ll be in front of him. Too Cute Tuesday is nothing compared to how he is when you see him for real ! On stage he is… Too cute on stage !!! his smile will kill you ! 
    don’t forget to come back alive… 

    Metro Concert


    I’ll be attending my first ever concert this September 24th, for none other than Stromae himself! Sadly, I couldn’t convince my friends to go with me, and I don’t want to wander alone. Will anyone else be at the show here in Chicago? Can I maybe tag along? Yes? No?

    You have to go to this concert even if you’re alone !! the best show ever ! REALLY !! don’t miss it ! ;) 


    🇬🇧 Here’s a montage of Natacha Alonso. She wants that all stromae’s pages on instagram would share this photo to show unit and support to Stromae USA tour. You are free to take the photo and post it on your instagram. 🇫🇷 Il s’agit de la photomontage de Natacha Alonso. Elle veut que tous les comptes d’intagram dédié à Stromae à publier cette photo pour montrer l’unité et de soutien aux stromae tour aux USA. vous êtes libre de prendre la photo et publiez-le sur votre instagram. 🇪🇸 Este es el fotomontaje de Natacha Alonso. Ella quiere que todas las cuentas de intagram dedicadas a Stromae publiquen esta foto para mostrar unidad y apoyo al tour de stromae en USA. Sois libres de coger la foto y publicarla en vuestro instagram. 🔅THANKS-MERCI-GRACIAS🔅 #stromae #stromaespain #maestro #mosaert #pvh #paulvanhaver



    3 DAYS ‘TIL PHILLY!!!!!


    aaaaaaaahhhhahahahahaaaaaa can’t wait your first opinion about the show !

    Right now, my brain is pretty much in OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG mode! I’m so excited I feel like I’m going to explode! Have there been any reports of Stromae-induced insanity? 

    The first time that I saw him I was like you. haha 

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