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Stromae / Paul Van Haver

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Hey guys, I won’t be there these next few days. New posts in 4 or 5 days… Thanks for following this blog ! Have a nice week.

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Alors on danse 90’s dance from Salt Lake City 28 Sept 14. I was literally too close to get a landscape shot and keep Stromae in frame!

As with all my vids, the sound is terrible.


stromaevanhaver, Are you honestly saying that a person can be too close to Stromae?

I’m saying that you’re very close to him and that I’m jealous… so yes… you’re too close ! haha


Show#10: Salt Lake City. Quand c ’ est. #stromae #racinecarreetour (at The Depot)

a wonderful shot paizlea !!! :)


Show#9: Denver. Manoli before the show. #stromae #racinecarreetour (at Gothic Theatre)

haha with the french flag behind 


Show#9: Denver. #stromae #racinecarreetour (at Gothic Theatre)